Back to our roots.
Back to our community.

We’ve highlighted our return to roots in our recent web and branding relaunch. In a series of blogs, we will share updates about what this means for our community and our product portfolio.

Host with the Most

While HighWire is synonymous with ‘hosting’ – content distribution platforms revered by scholarly publishers for decades – there is another kind of ‘hosting’ we have long been associated with. For over 25 years, HighWire has been seen as the preeminent organizer of scholarly community. HighWire Publishers Meetings have been some of the most important and well-loved events in our space. Like any good host knows, bringing people together is about what is on offer tangibly, but only to a degree. Successful events bring guests together with shared experience and feeling. This is our sweet spot.

While there were years when our focus was elsewhere, or other events out of our control made meeting impossible, going back to our roots means back to hosting and curating community events, and while we are equally excited about all aspects of our new identity, and the support of MPS, we are perhaps most grateful to return to these duties.

Innovation in service of the scholarly community

This is a core, guiding principle. We are so pleased to invite you to participate alongside us.

We want you to tell us what areas of the industry, technology trends, or future plans you are eager to explore not just within your own organizations, or with your vendor communities, but with all of us here in the HighWire community. There is strength in collaboration and in community inquiry and knowledge sharing and discussion.

For this reason, we announce our Best Practice Webinar Series, a set of virtual events to keep us connected through the end of 2021, and discussing when we might be ready to transform these events into ‘real space’ in the new year.

Best Practice Webinar Series:

August 24, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET: How has life changed for researchers?

We commissioned the interviews of 25 researchers to understand whether and how life and work has changed for them as in the time of COVID-19. Join us as we present the research, and move to panel discussion. Hear from select researcher interviewees themselves, as they share key takeaways as prompted by inquisitors from across publishing and technology. Audience Q/A will follow.

Participants include:
Panelists: Discussants:
Samantha Andrzejaczek, Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology Department (Hopkins), Stanford University Ben Callahan, Computational Biologist, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University Eva Fischer, Assistant Professor of Biology at University of Illinois Roman Ellerbrock, Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemistry Department, Stanford University Danielle Mai, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University Richard Sever, Co-founder of BioRxiv and MedRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Labs Michelle Phillips, Open Research Product Manager, British Medical Journal Claire Moulton, Publisher, Company of Biologists.

Moderator and presenter:

John Sack, Founding Director, HighWire
October 7, Time TBD: What do publishers want from Preprints?

Cold Spring Harbor’s BioRxiv wants to know: what do you, as Publishers, need from preprint workflow? How can preprints and journals work together more efficiently and effectively? Join us for a community discussion that includes an overview of preprint review services and peek at the BioRxiv roadmap.

December 9, Time TBD: Best Practices for Transfers

Publishers have questions, and some choose to partner with Vizors to increase their visibility and source solutions. Hear from Vizor community publishers directly about what they see in Vizors data and why it matters to their portfolios and programs.

HighWire Founding Director John Sack will be our Moderator for all events, and if you want to register to attend click here, and we will make sure you are kept up to date, and reminded about the events you are interested in.

We cannot wait to see you in person when we can next convene a traditional HighWire Publisher’s Meeting. In the meantime, please consider our invitation to take the time to set your daily work aside and join your colleagues for these two-hour interactive sessions. Your participation will enrich them immeasurably!