Sigma lets you keep control of your content without compromising accessibility. Sigma enables the publisher to identify each user and delivers a simple, flexible and scalable way to license content and control access, while users gain seamless single-sign-on access.

We will achieve our vision by

Minimize friction for users using established and innovative authentication technologies.

Maximize value to publishers, supporting existing and future business models.

Support 3rd party integration with fully featured API and provide valuable reporting through integration with 3rd party and native Sigma reports.

Invest in infrastructure to maximize uptime and response times.


Benefits Centralized identity management Self-service admin Analytics & reporting
  • Access anywhere through SSO
  • Single centralized login
  • Supports usernames, library cards, IP, Shibboleth & Referrer IDs
  • Intuitive admin UI for publishers, libraries & institutions
  • Easily control & administer clients, users, subscriptions, vouchers & reports
  • Integrated COUNTER reporting
  • Go further with detailed in-built reporting
  • API integration to plug in other data sources
  • Seamless, easy access for readers
  • Centralized, easy control for administrators
  • Insight into user behavior and new opportunities