Ampere is a cloud-based workflow management engine, designed to simplify the complexity of managing production of large amounts of content – articles, journals, and books. Publishing, production and editorial staff can track and manage manuscripts centrally in the cloud.

We will achieve our vision by

Developing an intuitive interface to manage complex tasks

Simplifying user experience by configuring workflow for each implementation

Reducing the turn-around time to save cost and time in workflow

Introducing a robust reporting module to produce and share reports in real-time

Integration with market leading third-party tools


Benefits Automated Workflow Management Integration and Reporting Intuitive User Interface
  • Automated workflow actions configurable triggers
  • Automated schedule generation and modification, based on defined workflows, and actual dates
  • Project progress updated in real-time
  • Content version tracking at all stages
  • Roles and permission management
  • Automation of reprint purchase orders
  • ONIX feed generation and auto-creation of supplier form
  • Integration with peer review, enterprise CMS, supplier systems, and third-party databases
  • Ability to interface with external data tables
  • Integration with internal finance, invoice, DAM, and warehouse management systems
  • Integration with taxonomy and title management system
  • Production, management, performance, profit and loss, marketing, and revenue reports
  • Personalized configurable interface for all requirements
  • Intuitive web-based UI and navigation experience, even non-technical users
  • Centralized dashboard for easy access to important tasks.
  • Easily access active ‘to do’ tasks, tasks that are put on hold, and tasks that are overdue
  • Automatically increases the workflow speed, team productivity, and maintains transparency while allowing the ability to perform various tasks.
  • Drastically cut down on operating costs and save time
  • Ensure easy process adoption and operation