Scolaris is a content hosting platform that thinks outside the box, supporting not only books and journals but multi-format content including blogs, news, videos, datavis, and granular content elements, making Scolaris the platform of choice for future-facing publishers.

We will achieve our vision by

Focusing on the discovery and UX of the multi-content / single site solution

Continuously grow the extent of publisher self-service control

Invest in infrastructure for reliability and performance

Integrate with latest AI/ML innovations

Scale up our teams to align with expanding customer base

Adapt to new content types (ex. VR, LMS, CME, games) and new business models (ex. Learning/training revenue)


Benefits Full publishing lifecycle Open & Interoperable Enhanced Semantic Capabilities
  • Content ingestion and deposits
  • Preview & embargo support
  • Alerts & advertising
  • Search & Discovery
  • Direct publishing
  • eCommerce and Access Control
  • Insight & Analytics
  • > 100 third-party integrations through API
  • Built with openness & flexibility in mind
  • Customize look & feel with self-op tools
  • Integrates with other HighWire services
  • Cutting-edge search and browse
  • All content types are first-class citizens
  • Support for weighted polyhierarchical taxonomies
  • Unique relationship with Google Scholar
  • End-to-end support within one platform
  • Publishing tools tailored to you
  • Industry-leading discoverability