DigiCorePro is a next generation publishing workflow solution based on the principles of single source publishing, a methodology that puts scholarly content at the center of the publishing process, reducing inefficiencies and increasing the speed of delivery.

Benefits of Single Source Publishing

Single source publishing, and the underpinning mechanisms of content extraction and XML conversion, provide efficiencies to the publishing process such as:

Simplifies manuscript submission for researchers

Automates formatting and quality checking for staff

Provides interactive peer review for editors and reviewers

Reduces errors due to file and metadata mismatches

Streamlines metadata collection and export

Processes content faster and more efficiently

Encourages collaboration between all constituents

Reduces time from submission to publication

The Evolving Landscape

There are innovations that publishers want to incorporate into their workflow, such as collaborative authoring, new methods of peer review, AI and ML enabled tools, and an increased use of video and other media. DigiCorePro allows editorial staff to add in new processes without interrupting existing processes. Users can change the order of tasks or perform tasks in parallel without requiring code changes. A modern system must be able to reach upstream and work with electronic lab notebooks and preprint servers, or downstream and seamlessly interact with journal and book hosting systems, with capabilities to pull content back into the workflow for reuse and revision.

Key Benefits

Easy Submission and Metadata Extraction

XML/HTML Conversion

Scalable and Flexible Workflows

Single System for Editorial Production Processes

Tracking and Recording

Integrated Analytics

Mobile Responsiveness

Globalization and Internationalized