Innovations & Future Proofing


MPSLabs is our R&D center that uses cutting-edge technology including AI/ML/NLP, and cloud-based technologies for robust, scalable architecture and solution design.

Our Process

We work closely with publishers to understand their requirements, brainstorm ideas and customize solutions that best suit their needs.


Digital-first: AI driven content Structuring, Style Editing, Language Editing, DEI Checks and Image Processing makes the Digital-first hassel free. Dynamic workflow manager understands the nuances that a production process can take.
Robust infrastructure built for reliability for AI Model training and deployment which give MPS the ability to do contextual human intensive task through machines Supports multiple file formats including EPUB and MOBI outputs.
Layout is no longer a human-intensive task, AI models predict the positions and sizing of floats and content aiding the designers to make quick decisions. Interactives, such as activities, exercise, assessments, animation and simulations are generated using our AI Models