JCore is a modern, intuitive journal-hosting platform designed with both readers and publishers in mind. It provides powerful content ingestion, enrichment and publishing infrastructure for your journal sites, along with custom theming and self-operable tools.

We will achieve our vision by

Build to be the best by listening to our customers in enhancing JCore as a product.

Integrate to be better and offer third-party solutions via JCore to our customers quickly, without investing too much time on reinventing the wheel.

Adopt a fine balance between standardization and customization to cater to varied customer needs.

Efficiency will be central to JCore allowing for customers to be onboarded in market leading migration timelines. Project management will be the fulcrum of delivering this efficient approach on JCore.


Benefits Specialist publishing features Simple, intuitive UX Self-operable tools
  • Preview & embargo support
  • Alerts & advertising
  • Direct publishing for real-time news
  • Custom content collections
  • eCommerce support
  • Downstream indexing
  • Modern Drupal design
  • Theming options
  • Tailored look-and-feel and configurable UIs
  • Uncluttered view and ‘minimal click’ user journey
  • Easy social sharing
  • Highlight content and collate collections
  • Select visual themes
  • Self-service interfaces
  • Monitor and improve user journeys and usage
  • Third-party integrations
  • Support for full publishing lifecycle
  • Positive user experience and greater retention
  • More control over your site