Publishing workflow often requires multi-stakeholder editing, proofing, review and revision. This process generates multiple copies of a manuscript and requires careful compilation of all edits, which can be time consuming. DigiEdit solves this problem by providing an efficient, collaborative editing environment optimized for the scholarly community.


Benefits Robust Editing Capabilities Integration Options Intuitive User Interface
  • User-friendly editing interface withXML behind the scenes
  • Completely XML based to ensure structural integrity is maintained during the editing process
  • Application of Natural Language Processing techniques for automated language editing
  • Math editing options provided in TeX and GUI mode
  • Support for special characters and language symbols supported
  • Robust editor includes direct editing, including styling and formatting table editing, and more
  • Taxonomy management
  • Integration with third-party standards, identifiers and databases (such as ORCID, Crossrefef, Open Funder Registry, ROR & PubMed)
  • Integrations with internal systems and databases for reference management
  • Integration with several editorial and production management solutions
  • Library of plug-and-play widgets for complex content authoring with pre-defined XML structure with preview options
  • Easy document navigation for faster access to document content.
  • Track change functionality
  • Online smart editing interface, invoked using a browser, no local installation required
  • Supports all roles like Authors, copyeditors, proof-readers, and others.
  • Suite of editing tools optimized forAcademic and Educational content, Reports,, and other structured content types
  • Flexible solution can integrate via APIs
  • Save time and cost in editing workflow