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    Multi-publisher subscription management tools specifically designed for library administrators. You can view your subscriptions, manage access configuration and run usage reports by logging to the HighWire portal.

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HighWire portal administration

  • How do I update my subscription email address(s)?

  • How do I update / change my portal email address(s)?

  • I am trying to associate titles to my portal account but keep getting an error message when submitting my username / password.

HighWire portal advanced management

  • How do I update / manage IP address(s)?

  • How do I update / manage OpenURL configuration?

  • How do I update / manage my institutional images?

  • How do I update / manage my Shibboleth profiles?

HighWire portal usage reporting

  • I am trying to run off usage reports for our institution but I am not seeing usage for any / all titles we subscribe to. How do I get usage for all titles?

  • How do I set up SUSHI reporting?

Terms & conditions for HW-hosted content

  • It is our practice to enter Terms and Conditions for all our licensed content into our Library Management System to display to end users and Library Staff involved in Document Delivery services etc. We are most interested in T&Cs regarding re-use of content, i.e. printing, copying, downloading, hosting links to content, and using content in learning management and ereserve software.