Impact Vizor gives you the tools needed to uncover trends, meaning and context. Our award-winning tool give you real-time insight into the reach and impact of your scholarly content, allowing you to capitalise on trends and make better editorial decisions.


Benefits Competitive insight In-built Trackers Do more with data
  • User-friendly UX via Microsoft Tableau.
  • Integrates multiple sources.
  • Real-time citation reporting.
  • Track where your rejected articles end up and their success.
  • Rejected article tracker.
  • Hot article tracker.
  • Hot object tracker.
  • Cohort comparator.
  • Citation distribution surveyor.
  • Data from published content, industry databases, manuscript systems, custom feeds.
  • Granular analytics.
  • Export into other data sources for further analysis.
  • Informed business decisions that drive success
  • Insight for technical and non-technical staff.
  • Take analysis to the next level.

Further benefits with Impact Vizor

  • Intuitive, easy-to-grasp visualizations

  • Tracking competitive publications and how articles you reject perform.

  • Ensuring your annual Impact Factor doesn’t come as a surprise.