See how your content performs in real-time

Impact Vizor is an award-winning visual analytics tool that gives you real-time insight into the reach and impact of your scholarly content, allowing you to capitalize on trends and make better editorial decisions.

Why Impact VizorTM?

  • Rejected Article Tracker shows you where rejected journals are eventually published, along with citation rates.
  • Hot Article Tracker analyzes published articles to find the most cited, and gives you year-on-year comparisons to identify trends.
  • Hot Object Tracker compares different groups of articles and topics to show performance across contents sections, collections, issues, or journals.
  • Citation distribution surveyor visualizes citation patterns for individual and groups of articles.
  • Section Performance Analyzer compares the group performance of articles over time.
  • View and analyze the relationship between citations and different types of usage, such as article downloads.
  • Cohort Comparator tracks the trends in your discipline.
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