American Society of Civil Engineers Migrates to HighWire Hosting


American Society of Civil Engineers Migrates to HighWire Hosting

HighWire Press, a leading provider of publishing products and services, announces the successful launch of ASCE AMPLIFY on HighWire’s publishing platform, providing greater discoverability and engagement.

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan XX 2024 – ASCE’s industry-leading Standards content is now presented to users in an engaging new interface on HighWire Hosting. The move allows ASCE to take advantage of the hundreds of features and integrations which HighWire have developed, including using the Sigma access module for users to log in with their existing ASCE credentials. ASCE can also use a self-service interface to configure bundles of content into Products, which are then monetized through eCommerce.

The HighWire platform is designed to respond to the needs of each individual publisher, which are discussed in a detailed discovery process at the start of each project. This process revealed a need for ASCE’s users to have complete visibility of content changes at a granular level. The HighWire solution allows versions and errata to be clearly signposted, with on-screen tracked changes showing exactly which content is changing and why.

The revisions modal gives complete transparency of changes being made to the Standards, increasing trust in the content.

Commentary is a key part of Standards content. The thousands of comments in ASCE’s Standards now have individual URLs, can include rich media, and can be displayed alongside the main content. The user can also toggle between metric and imperial units, all adding to a highly personalized experience and deeper engagement with the subject matter.

The combined result of ASCE’s new access methods, feature set, and close partnership with HighWire is expected to increase the discoverability, engagement, and sustainability of the content. The platform has also been designed with the option of adding other content types to it in Phase 2.

“The many features of the HighWire platform and support from the development team made it easy for us to migrate to the new platform,” commented Dana Compton, Publisher of ASCE. She noted that the ability to design and price multiple versions of Standards is a great plus. Further, she commended the option to track errata to help increase transparency and understanding.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with ASCE! Migration to HighWire Hosting improves the user experience and ASCE is now able to host multiple content types on a single platform,” said Tony Alves, Senior Vice President of Products at HighWire. “Over the past year HighWire has been able to advance our Technical Standards hosting capabilities under the guidance of customers like ASCE.”

The partnership is expected to create business impact for ASCE as their content becomes easier to distribute and disseminate to the end users. ASCE is also expected to save costs with the reduction in service requests, thanks to the highly customizable design of the upgraded platform.

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About American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the field of civil engineering. Founded in 1852, ASCE serves as a hub for civil engineering professionals, providing resources, networking opportunities, and fostering collaboration to enhance the industry’s knowledge and practices. Through publications, conferences, and advocacy efforts, ASCE plays a crucial role in promoting innovation, sustainability, and excellence in civil engineering worldwide. Notably, ASCE plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining engineering standards, providing guidelines and benchmarks that contribute to the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and quality in civil engineering practices globally.

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