Token-Based Authentication by HighWire Press Expands Dow Jones’ COUNTER 5 Reporting Capabilities for Factiva


Token-Based Authentication by HighWire Press Expands Dow Jones’ COUNTER 5 Reporting Capabilities for Factiva

HighWire Press, a provider of publishing platforms and solutions for the scholarly community, extended its analytics platform, Insight Vizor, for Dow Jones’s business intelligence platform Factiva to generate COUNTER 5 reports for all their users.

Factiva is a comprehensive business intelligence platform with 33,000+ global news sources in 32 languages. It offers advanced search, filtering, and research tools, including Dow Jones Intelligent Identifiers (DJID), for enhanced relevance and analysis of media coverage.

With over 14 years of experience, Insight Vizor, a market leader in usage analytics for publishers, provides COUNTER R5 usage reports to Factiva and its subscribed institutions and libraries. These reports can be easily sliced and diced by the Factiva users or its respective institutions (for their respective data) to understand the accurate usage of their content. Mary Malgieri, Technical Product Director at Dow Jones Factiva, commented, “I am delighted to announce the successful completion of this extensive and demanding project. It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with HighWire. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, demonstrating professionalism and a commitment to excellence.”

Tony Alves, the SVP of Product Management at HighWire Press said, “I am confident that Insight Vizor will provide Dow Jones and their customers with useful and timely business intelligence, just as it does for many other publisher clients”

HighWire is proud of this new partnership with Dow Jones, providing a host of facilities for their users. We hope to continue this partnership and provide excellent service to all Factiva users.

About HighWire Press

HighWire is an industry-leading global provider of digital publishing tools and platform solutions across all aspects of the publishing life cycle, including content management and hosting, e-commerce, analytics, access and identity management, manuscript submission and tracking.

HighWire was born out of Stanford University, shaped the early stages of digital scholarly publishing, and is now celebrating its 25th year since it was founded. This combination of deep domain publishing and academic expertise makes HighWire the technology partner of choice for the leading global commercial and academic publishers.

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About Dow Jones

Factiva is a business intelligence platform developed by Dow Jones & Company aggregating content from a wide variety of sources. It provides access to a wide range of global news sources, including newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, and newswires. Factiva offers real-time and archived content, allowing users to search and retrieve news articles and other media materials. The platform also provides tools for advanced search, analytics, and data visualization, enabling users to monitor trends, conduct market research, and gather business intelligence. Factiva is commonly used by professionals in various industries, including finance, marketing, and research, to stay updated on news and industry developments.

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