HighWire adds OpenAlex as the latest citation data source for Impact Vizor


HighWire adds OpenAlex as the latest citation data source for Impact Vizor

This enhanced data set will benefit publishers by providing a more comprehensive coverage of impact metrics, a robust approach to measuring citations, and a scope for new value-added services.

Impact Vizor, HighWire Press’s unique decision-making analytics tool for editors, has recently added OpenAlex as the newest citation data source. This is in keeping with HighWire’s commitment to make Impact Vizor the most timely and trusted product for providing impact metrics to editors and editorial teams. 

HighWire’s integration of the OpenAlex dataset means that customers will get,

  • Timely and more accurate citations – With the adoption of OpenAlex, Impact Vizor’s citation data is now deduplicated from over 4 citation data sources. This minimises discrepancy in the impact metrics, while the extensiveness of open industry initiatives such as OpenAlex makes the citations data updates faster than before. 
  • Much broader coverage of impact metrics – The OpenAlex dataset will considerably expand Impact Vizor’s coverage as an impact analytics tool for editors.
  • Lower business disruption – Adding a new data source insulates the product from existential market disruptions such as the retirement of MAG (Microsoft Academic Services), etc. This will offer publishers greater control over data and lower the disruptions as it eliminates data dependency. 

“HighWire strives to deliver the best platform and solutions to publishers and researchers. The new OpenAlex dataset will help our customers with an extensive set of data to aid them in making strategic decisions on their editorial process,” said Tony Alves, SVP of Product Management at HighWire Press

“The retirement of Microsoft Academic Graph was a major disruption to the scholarly publishing industry. Over five months, we worked to integrate OpenAlex and other citation data sources for over 20 million published articles for multidisciplinary scholarly publishers,” said Satam Choudhury, Senior Product Manager-Analytics. “We can proudly claim to be one of the earliest analytics products to make the migration, with zero business disruption and today, Impact Vizor covers 95% of citations reported for published research”.

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