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Journals and Public Access to Research Data

Gain valuable perspectives from panellists at the NAS Journal Summit on the call for freely accessible scientific data in federally funded publications. Delve into the implications of the open data mandates, defined in the Nelson Memo, for publishers, researchers, and the research infrastructure.



Impact of New Public Access Requirements for US Federally Funded

The NAS Journal Summit’s opening session featured a diverse panel representing various segments of scholarly communications framework, including government agencies, researchers, publishers, and libraries. Discover their insights on the impact of the recently mandated public access requirements for US federally funded research.



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HighWire Launches ISA’s Flagship Journal on Hosting Platform

HighWire Press and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) have joined forces to enhance research publication in the field of arboriculture and urban forestry. Find out how HighWire Press’ solutions are helping ISA in their commitment to advancing scholarly publishing in forestry.



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HighWire Sponsors ALPSP’23 Annual Conference

HighWire Press is a silver sponsor of the #alpsp2023 Annual Conference. Our team of experts will be attending the meeting and is looking forward to connecting with you. We look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas!



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HighWire Press Extends Analytics Platform Insight Vizor to Enhance Factiva’s Business Intelligence

HighWire Press, a provider of publishing platforms and solutions for the scholarly community, extended its analytics platform, Insight Vizor, for Dow Jones’s business intelligence platform Factiva to generate COUNTER 5 reports for all their users.