Customer Payments/
Cash Application
HighWire’s Fulfillment Service includes Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) to match a customer’s payment to corresponding invoice in the seller’s AR ledger.
Reporting – Financial / Circulation HighWire provides clients with an overview of their financial status by communicating financial activities and performance over specific time periods.
Order Management/ Master Data (Cancellation/ Refund) HighWire’s order management starts the moment an order is placed and concludes only after the customer has received their package, ensuring end-to-end customer satisfaction.
Invoicing (Debit/Credit/ Proforma) HighWire’s invoicing provides clients all pertinent information, such as products/services costs, descriptions, and payment terms, allowing for seamless, hassle-free transaction between buyer and seller.
Customer Service/
Lapser Chasing
Efficient lapser chasing is achieved by skillfully coordinating tasks across multiple teams to resolve issues promptly at every stage.
Credit Control/
Receivables / Payables
HighWire takes proactive measures to ensure timely payment collection via reminder letters, emails, phone calls, and other appropriate channels when payments become overdue towards invoices issued.
Credit Card Processing (CyberSource, Worldpay) HighWire ensures secure real-time payment processing for clients through trusted 3rd-party gateways, allowing for instant payment blocking and debit on customer credit cards in a PCI-DSS compliant environment.
Renewal Reminders & Returns Management HighWire manages these needs by sending timely email notices prior to expiration and managing undelivered shipments in the best interest of publishers.
Label Run &
Despatch Instructions
HighWire uses system-driven processes to generate soft copies of mailing labels for physical distribution, simplifying the instruction preparation process thus ensuring timely delivery.
Reconciliation An expert team matches transactions against monthly statements to identify discrepancies, ensuring that internal cash register balances align with the corresponding bank statements.
Dashboards Comprehensive reports and metrics to monitor business performance, identify correlations between reports, and perform health checks on multiple metrics simultaneously.

Exposure to ERPs


HighWire has subject matter experts from diverse systems and backgrounds. Our expertise (THINK) around different software ensures that our clients get the best experience, irrespective of their parent ERP.

Key Benefits



Secure Processes comply with PCl-DSS, ISO,SOX, and GDPR Tailored governance playbook for optimal organizational and business alignment
Expert IPteam reduces hand-offs for market leaders On-site & Remote transitions follow 3-stage gate process: Define/Design,Transfer, Run
Sponsorship ensures CXO alignment for program success Global delivery model for all-weather operations i.e. aid different time zones

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