June 14th, IET - Savoy Place

London Lunch & Learn

On June 14th during London Tech Week, our exclusive London Lunch & Learn session explored some future technology trends and how they may impact upon scholarly publishing.

Digital disruption continues to present new challenges, irrespective of sector, and across platforms, formats and devices. The scholarly publishing sector is no exception; while user expectations evolve, publishers are working together with technology providers look for new and creative ways to generate value.
Our first Lunch & Learn event was created to how other sectors have handled significant change in their business models, take a look at current thinking around publishing technology from the user perspective, and present Forrester’s latest findings on the application of voice search and its potential impact for scholarly publishing.

Round-up of the day

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  • 09:30 - Mick Hegarty, GBG – The Art of Digital Disruption: Lessons Learned from Other Industries

  • 10:00 - Kate Worlock, Outsell Inc. – Trust is the New Algorithm

  • 10:45 - Collin Colburn, Forrester – AI and IAs: New Report Update from Forrester

  • 11.15 - Dr. Daniel Himmelstein, University of Pennsylvania – The future of scholarly publication: automated, transparent, and open

  • 11:45 - At the Nexus of Publishing and Technology: What Does the Future Look Like?

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  • Collin Colburn, Forrester

    Collin is an analyst on the B2C marketing team. His research focuses on current and future trends in search and discovery marketing. He helps Forrester clients understand how consumers find brands and information and what strategies and technologies marketers can leverage to make themselves discoverable. His research topics include strategies and best practices for Amazon advertising, voice search, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid search advertising.

  • Mick Hegarty, GBG

    Mick is Managing Director of Customer Insight and Innovation at GBG. In his role, he ensures the group’s global strategy, plans and portfolio are based on innovating for customers and brings together the group’s data, marketing, product and strategy teams internationally. He has more than 30 years’ experience in leading change across a wide range of functions from business development and marketing through to field operations and customer service. Prior to joining GBG, he was at BT, where he led a range of successful business strategy and transformation programmes.

  • Daniel Himmelstein, University of Pennsylvania

    Daniel is a data scientist at the University of Pennsylvania. He performs large-scale data analysis to uncover trends in scholarly publishing. For example, Daniel has investigated the time from submission to publication at thousands of journals, what percent of the literature is in Sci-Hub, how preprints are licensed, and what bibliographic styles journals have applied over time. Currently, Daniel researches human disease and leads development of Manubot, a tool for open scholarly writing on GitHub.

  • Kate Worlock, Outsell Inc.

    As VP & Lead Analyst, Kate leads Outsell’s coverage and research of education information solutions in all areas of the education marketplace, including K-12, higher education, professional training, and human capital management. Kate serves as an executive-level advisor and consultant to Outsell’s education-focused clients. She has served on the Content Division Board of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and on the board of the Data Committee of the PPA’s Business Media Group (formerly the UK Data Publishers Association, or DPA).

Being in a position to participate in collaboration and discussions with shared customers and industry colleagues provided a unique opportunity to hear first-hand the goals, pain points and success stories of publishers across the entire content processing and hosting environment.

Atul Goel, President, Cenveo Publisher Services