Streamlined manuscript submission and tracking

HighWire Submissions simplifies and streamlines the manuscript submissions process, helping you increase efficiency, decrease costs and dramatically reduce time to publication.

We customize HighWire Submissions to fit your unique workflow needs and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the scholarly community. Submissions is designed to grow and flex as you do, letting you easily make changes to reflect your editorial practice and peer-review processes.

Intuitive user experience and peer review

With single sign-on and a simple interface, all stakeholders can enjoy a quick, easy and trackable submission and review process. This makes the submission process easy and intuitive for authors and reviewers, facilitating rapid and rigorous peer review.

Intelligent admin tools and reporting functionality gives your publishing staff unrivalled insight to help you realize efficiencies and track progress towards strategic goals.

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A solution that works for you

For low volume publishers with straight-forward submission processes, we offer a simple, flat rate pricing structure, so you know what you’re going to pay regardless of the number of submissions. For publishers with more complex needs, we offer a powerful and highly customizeable workflow that is built around you – rather than the other way around.

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    Uptime delivered

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    Monthly search requests

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    Monthly users

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    Key activities per month

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    Unique visitors per month

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    Downloads per month

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    New content alerts per month

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    Search requests per month

“bioRxiv’s current annual doubling in submissions and usage has tested the capabilities and reliability of HighWire’s technologies, with excellent results. The success of this seasoned, cutting-edge preprint platform meant that HighWire was the obvious technology partner for medRxiv.”

Dr John Inglis, co-founder of medRxiv and bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Common user scenarios

Intuitive user experience and functionality

A common problem

Many publishers find themselves paying for more than they need. Often, submission systems include standard features and functionality that many journals don’t need, making the platform difficult to navigate.

How we can help

We work with you to ensure your site matches your workflows. If you’re a publisher with low volume, you can use BenchPress Unlimited to provide only the critical features and functionality that you need.

Rapid response and support

A common problem

Do you often have trouble getting your platform provider to respond to questions? And when you do get a response, do your changes take a long time to release? Many publishers use a platform that isn’t flexible, or only speak to customer service representatives who can’t make changes.

How we can help

When you choose HighWire Submissions, you only communicate with people who can make changes. There is no delegating from account managers to customer service to support. Our staff usually respond to requests within minutes, and up to 48 hours at a maximum.

A fixed pricing model

A common problem

Most submission systems charge publishers per-submission fees, meaning publishers can be penalized for their own success if they receive a high volume of submissions. This makes it difficult to plan your budgets, unless you know exactly how much your submissions program will grow.

How we can help

BenchPress Unlimited comes with a single fixed quarterly fee that remains the same for the lifetime of your contract. So, whether you receive a hundred papers a month or a thousand, you pay one flat rate. This means you can focus on growing your publishing program, rather than worrying about how you’re going to pay for it.

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