Revolutionize manuscript and submission tracking

Submissions are the lifeblood of scholarly publishing. HighWire Submissions enables you to provide a fast, accurate, intuitive experience for your authors. At the same time, you can lower costs and dramatically reduce time to publication by streamlining the process

Flexibility without complication

HighWire Submissions is delivered through BenchPress and BenchPress Unlimited. BenchPress is a fully customizable manuscript management solution. BenchPress Unlimited is a streamlined deployment model designed for publishers with lower volumes and straight-forward submission processes.

Across both platforms, our single sign-in and intuitive interface simplifies submissions, and facilitates a rapid and rigorous peer review process. Intelligent admin tools and reporting functionality give editors and publishing staff unrivalled insight into their workflow to help them realize efficiencies and track progress towards their strategic goals.

As SaaS based solution, BenchPress Unlimited also comes with a simple, flat rate pricing structure, so you know what you’re going to pay regardless of the number of submissions.

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Submission solutions

From small, simple submissions processes to large and complex requirements, HighWire Submission platforms supports all publishers, with their varied and complex requirements.

  • BenchPress

    BenchPress offers you the ability to customise every aspect of the platform, meaning you have a submissions tool that exactly matches your requirements.

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  • BenchPress Unlimited

    Developed for publishers with low volume, straight-forward submission processes. The platform offers the ability to configure specific workflows and add customization as you grow

  • Preprint

    An online archive and distribution service that enables authors to offer unpublished manuscripts for early peer review and comment

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Common user scenarios

A simple, intuitive submission system that works

A common problem

Publishers often find they are paying for more than they need. Most submission systems include standard features and functionality that many journals don’t require. They only serve to over complicate the process, clutter the page, confuse users and make the submissions platform difficult to navigate.

How we can help

Benchpress is fully customizable. Our experienced team work with you to map your requirements, ensuring your site delivers exactly what you need. If you’re a publisher with low volume, straight-forward submission processes, BenchPress Unlimited has been developed to provide only the critical features and functionality that you’ll need.

Rapid response and support from people who can deliver

A common problem

Publishers often have trouble getting their platform provider to respond to questions and change requests. And when you do get a response, changes can take a long time to release. Perhaps the platform hasn’t been designed to be flexible, or you only speak to a customer service representative that isn’t empowered to make changes.

How we can help

HighWire Submissions comes with best-in-class support. You communicate directly with the person who can make the change - no delegating from account managers to customer service to support. Our trained support staff normally respond to each question and change request within minutes and within 48 hours at a maximum.

A fixed pricing model that doesn’t penalize growth

A common problem

Most submission systems charge publishers per-submission fees; you pay for every new submission - regardless of its suitability for your journal. This means you are spending valuable budget on items that will deliver no return. It’s also difficult to plan your budget unless you know exactly how much your submissions programme will grow.

How we can help

BenchPress Unlimited comes with a single fixed quarterly fee that remains the same for the lifetime of your contract. So, whether you receive a hundred papers a month or a thousand you pay one flat rate. This means you can focus on growing your publishing program, rather than worrying about how you’re going to pay for it.

  • 99.97%

    Uptime delivered

  • 85m

    Monthly search requests

  • 60m

    Monthly users

  • 200m

    Key activities per month

  • 80m

    Unique visitors per month

  • 28m

    Downloads per month

  • 15m

    New content alerts per month

  • 7m

    Search requests per month

We needed a fast, reliable and scalable system with a streamlined approach that would allow for thousands of submissions. BenchPress was a natural fit as it successfully tackled our business challenges and led to reduced costs and time saved.

Kevin-John Black, Product Lead for bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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