Flexible access and identity management

HighWire Identity lets you keep control of your content without compromising accessibility, giving readers an intuitive and seamless user experience while preventing access to those without permission.

Seamless user experience

Our seamless single-sign-on access means that your users don’t have to repeatedly sign in when switching between resources, making them much less likely to abandon your site through frustration.

It also means you can easily identify users to see who has accessed your content, no matter where it is hosted – giving you critical user insight which can help you identify new opportunities and better serve your customers.

We integrate with dozens of industry standard SSO solutions to prioritize accessibility and provide a frictionless experience for researchers across the globe. Together with Google Scholar, we also pioneered CASA, which enables seamless off-campus
and mobile access to subscribed scholarly content. With CASA, users can access their libraries’ subscriptions just as easily as when they are on campus – no matter where they are or what device they are using.

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Common user scenarios

Simple registration and single sign-on for enhanced user experience

A common problem

Your users want to access content in a variety of situations - at home, at the library, in their department - and often want to access a number of sites. This can require a separate login format for every situation; a poor user experience resulting in users abandoning their sessions.

How we help

HighWire Identity enables quick registration and a single point of sign-in for all your content, in all situations. The sign-in also persists as your users move between tabs or windows. This simple sign-in delivers a much more efficient and satisfying user experience, meaning you users are much less likely to abandon the process.

Self-service admin for you and your client

A common problem

When you want to add content subscriptions, add or change client details, issue access tokens or run reports, you may have to use different systems for each task. When your clients want to add new administrators, allow users to access content off-site, or view usage statistics, they often have to file support requests with the Publisher.

How we help

Self-service administration in a single clear interface. Publishers have a single view of all your clients, users, and subscriptions, with the ability to add and edit information instantly, run reports and issue access vouchers. Clients can access a single view of their subscriptions, COUNTER usage, and an exact view of their organization’s login details.

Understand your users with a single customer view

A common problem

As a publisher, you are likely to have a complex IT enterprise setup with a range of systems that store user identities. It can be difficult to maintain consistent data on your users making regulatory compliance challenging, communicating with your customers difficult. and having a single view of your users almost impossible.

How we help

HighWire Identity provides easy integration via APIs, ensuring CRM and eCommerce systems can automatically update a user’s entitlements. The solution supports publisher configurable custom data fields; all the bespoke data held in other systems can be reflected in SAMS Sigma. When you view a client or user profile in SAMS Sigma, it is a genuine Single Customer View.