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HighWire Hosting is delivered through a range of modular applications that simplify the digital publishing process, widen the reach, deepen the impact, and accelerate the exchange of ideas. From single to large-scale journal platforms, books to multi-format, HighWire’s multi-content type solution supports all publishers, with their varied and complex requirements.

Future proof your technology investment

HighWire’s intelligent publishing platform is a unique next-generation digital solution designed to evolve to meet the fast-changing expectations of your online users.

Using open architecture, the intelligent publishing platform delivers innovative digital assets that work together to create superior user experiences, remarkable engagement and exciting new revenue opportunities, now and long into the future.

HighWire Hosting forms the backbone of the intelligent publishing platform, giving publishers a range of customizable solutions that help you upload, curate and publish multiple content types, from text to video and image to data.

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Hosting Solutions

From single to large-scale journal platforms, books to multi-format, HighWire Hosting platforms support all publishers, with their varied and complex requirements.

Common user scenarios

Host multiple content types to maximize discoverability

A common problem

Many publishers host different content types across different platforms, often across different vendors. The internal costs are high and multiple platforms can mean a really poor experience for your users. Users have to log-in to different sites and content is not linked between platforms; users struggle to fully benefit from the content you provide.

How we can help

HighWire Hosting enables you to host all of your content in a single site, meaning more effective and efficient management and marketing of content. Accessing a single CMS cuts down on time and overheads. Discoverability is significantly improved, enabling users to find all content types and you can use one content type to market another.

Automate your content upload and focus on what you do best

A common problem

Whether you’re re-platforming or just keeping content on your site up-to-date, manually uploading content from a variety of sources, in different formats and adding appropriate metadata to support search is a significant drain on resources. Human intervention also means errors; negatively impacting the user experience and value perception of your content.

How we can help

HighWire Express enables you to automatically load multiple content types. The content is validated by a suite of standard rules, plus any that you set. You can specify the go-live date and preview it on the site before it is published. With a self-service UI, the tool can be used by your team or designated third parties.

Grow your platform as your publishing needs change and grow

A common problem

Your requirements as a Publisher will change. The technology and user experience expectations of your users will change. Updating a content platform can be challenging, requiring custom development work via your platform provider, in-house technology teams or third parties. This can be costly, time-consuming and create unexpected support issues.

How we can help

HighWire platforms are developed with a modern, flexible and easily configurable UI, but are based on a robust, established and powerful platform with an active development roadmap that is made available to all customers. This means you can quickly take advantage of new, fully supported, features as they are released.

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To realize our new digital-first approach to publication, we needed an expert partner, and HighWire provides insight, assistance, and a fresh approach that help our publishing workflows meet the needs of our members and readers

Dr. Perry Scanlan, Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Laboratory Science

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