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The expectations of your end-users in today’s digital world move at a phenomenal pace. Using advanced analytics, design and user experience (UX) expertise and best practice implementation, HighWire Consulting can help you to meet and exceed those expectations, now and into the future.

Turning data and information into tangible results

Deciding which technology solution to invest in can be challenging enough; knowing how you’re going to get the best out the technology to ensure you meet yours goals can be another challenge all together. At HighWire, we recognise this. Our HighWire Consulting team offer independent support and advice, as well as consultancy on how to maximise your investments in HighWire solutions.

In an increasingly connected world, the data you can gather on your products and your users is increasing exponentially. The challenge for many organizations is how to turn data to information to knowledge and ultimately wisdom. All HighWire solutions come with advanced reporting capabilities. Our HighWire Consulting team can help you turn this data and information into usable knowledge that will drive tangible improvements in the performance of your publications.

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Common user scenarios

Journal impact analysis

A common problem

Journal Impact Factor (JIF) is an industry recognized measurement, but how do you to know what’s driving the performance of your journal(s) up or down? You may have access to the data but what actionable intelligence and reporting is provided to your editorial and journal management teams; “I have the data, but I’m not sure how best to use it”.

How we can help

Our experienced team utilise the powerful reporting and insights capability of the HighWire Analytics tools Impact Vizor and Usage Vizor to work with your in-house team to scope, define and agree actionable plans that will help to improve the performance of your journals.

Usage and Impact data analysis

A common problem

When you want to add content subscriptions, add or change client details, issue access tokens or run reports, you may have to use different systems for each task. When your clients want to add new administrators, allow users to access content off-site, or view usage statistics, they often have to file support requests with the Publisher.

How we can help

Our data mining and analysis services provide in-depth analysis of both usage and article impact analysis, without blocking internal resource and slowing down the normal function of your business. Providing data driven solutions and strategies to grow your business and keep ahead of the curve that can be both actioned and tracked.

Expert design review

A common problem

When your site was launched you used the latest technology and undertook user testing to ensure the journeys, features and content were exactly what your users wanted. Time has passed; more content has been published, features have changed, and new technologies have come along, only some of which you’ve be able to embrace.

How we can help

Our User Experience consultants review your site against general design principles and best practices, take your business goals, areas of concern, and anecdotal user feedback into account, and document any identified usability issues. The output report can be used to implement short-term fixes as well as review the longer-term direction of your platform requirements.

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