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HighWire Analytics is powered by Impact Vizor and Usage Vizor, our award-winning visual analytics tools that give you real-time insight into the reach and impact of your content. Get a clearer picture of how your publications perform, today.

Rely on data, not intuition

Understanding what content resonates with researchers is one of your biggest challenges when deciding what manuscripts to accept, commission and highlight.

If you’re like many publishers, you might have little data to assess the needs of the research community. This means relying on anecdotes or your intuition to make important editorial decisions. But there’s a smarter way.

HighWire Analytics gives you the tools needed to uncover trends, meaning and context. Make better business decisions today by understanding how the true impact of your journals.

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Analytics Solutions

HighWire’s CODiE award winning analytics solutions bring citation and usage data together to help you make fast, informed decisions about your content.

  • Usage Vizor™

    Immediate insight into article-level, institutional, and turnaway usage so that you can make more informed, timely, and evidence-based editorial and business decisions about your content.

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  • Impact Vizor™

    Immediate insight into the reach and impact of your scholarly content, bringing early citation and usage data together to help you make fast, informed decisions.

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Common user scenarios

Control your own data to inform your editorial strategy

A common problem

In order to fully understand the impact of your content, publishers need to be able to interrogate analytics data. To this do this effectively, you need to be able to import, export and edit the data and visualizations to answer your specific questions. Generic analytics platforms do not enable publishers to do this.

How we can help

Impact Vizor enables you to upload additional data, such as country of corresponding author and primary funder of research to supplement the usage data and make the results more meaningful. Usage Vizor enables you to slice and dice the data covering article usage, institution usage, and turn away attempts.

Rejected article tracker

A common problem

Obtain insight into rejected journal articles including where they are eventually published and their citation rates. Filter by topic, editor, or publishing journal for a different view of the data.

How we can help

Evaluate the quality of articles being rejected to measure the effectiveness of your editorial program. Determine whether or not you reject enough quality content to populate a new journal section or develop an entirely new journal. Conduct competitive analysis by identifying which publications are benefiting from your rejected articles.

Visualize the difference

A common problem

Most analytics tools don’t make it easy to interpret the data quickly and effectively, or export data, charts, and tables for use in reports or other analytics tools. This means publishers are restricted when attempting to extract important data and produce visualizations from the analytics tool.

How we can help

Impact Vizor uses a simple interface that enables users to produce impactful, meaningful visual representations of their contents’ performance, for editorial board reports and presentations. Usage Vizors enables publishers to identify most popular articles and better understand which content resonates with users, calculate cost/use and other relevant financial/ROI metrics.

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Impact Vizor has quickly become an invaluable tool enabling us to discover interesting trends. We are impressed with the speed and clarity of the insights available to our editorial team now.

Keith Gigliello, Digital Manager, Publishing, American Society of Hematology