Fulfillment is an end-to-end process management system that begins with management of Customer credit & Sales orders and ends with the Collections & payment application i.e. Invoice to Cash


Custom Payments/Cash Application Reporting – Financial/Circulation Order Management/Mater Data (Cancellations/Refunds)
Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) to match a customer’s payment to corresponding invoice in the seller’s AR ledger. Get an overview of your financial status by communication of financial activities and performance reports over specific time periods. MPS’s order management starts the moment an order is placed and concludes only after the customer has received their package, ensuring end-to-end customer satisfaction.
  • Secure Processes comply with PCI-DSS, ISO, SOX, and GDPR
  • Expert IP team reduces hand-offs for market leaders
  • Sponsorship ensures CXO alignment for program success
  • Tailored governance playbook for optimal organizational and business alignment
  • On-site & Remote transitions follow 3-stage gate process: Define/Design, Transfer, Run
  • Global delivery model for all-weather operations i.e. aid different time zones

Case Studies

Find out how HighWire’s Fulfillment Services have helped businesses save up to $60k.

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