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ASH launches Blood Advances, an open access journal to “transform the conversation”


The American Society of Hematology (ASH) has published Blood, the most-cited, peer review journal in its field, since 1946. ASH launched Blood Advances™ in 2016, its first new journal in 70 years, with the goal of “transforming the conversation” among the global hematology community. New technology, communication and content formats promote reader and author engagement in the first expansion of the trusted brand. The founding editor of Blood Advances commented on the importance of the platform to support the mission of ASH’s first online-only, open access journal:

Our innovative online platform will serve as an incubator to test novel methods of communication and interaction with our community.

Dr. Robert Negrin, MD, Founding Editor-in-Chief, Blood Advances


  • Support rapid publication times and open access model
  • Use video and illustration in new ways and support visual abstracts
  • Deliver peer-reviewed audio articles
  • Foster global discussion around the latest-breaking science with interaction between readers and author

Key Challenges

  • High-profile launch with a printed inaugural issue distributed to 27,000 attendees of the ASH annual meeting
  • First submission to first issue publication window of only four months
  • Multiple technology integrations
  • Customizations and platform design integrated with Blood

Solution: Launch Blood Advances on HighWire’s JCore Platform


Support for multiple technology integrations

  • Manuscript submissions to Blood on HighWire’s BenchPress cascades to Blood Advances, for strong pipeline of top papers
  • JCore integrations with BrightCove (for video) and SoundButt (for audio). HighWire’s Direct Publishing functionality supports a blog
  • ASH was the first to integrate HighWire’s Direct Publishing and Disqus commenting to create “Community Conversations.” These Point/Counterpoint commentary articles encourage dialogue and reader engagement


Continuity of User Experience across journals and society website

  • HighWire cloned the successful JCore design developed for Blood to deliver a consistent brand experience, while supporting a strong focus on visual content features in Blood Advances

Optimized content workflow

  • Collaboration among ASH, HighWire and ASH’s electronic content service provider enabled the team to optimize the content workflow for faster publication times and support for the society’s first open access journal


Long-term strategic partnership

  • HighWire and ASH have been strategic partners for many years. Collaborative planning for the new journal began in 2015 to ensure project team continuity to manage dependencies


  • Delivered new content formats that engage the hematology community
  • On-time launch and promotion at meeting generated eToC alert registrations to surpass target


Featured product/service

JCore - Open platform for journals

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