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HighWire to Launch a New eCommerce and Subscription Management System

HighWire is all set to launch THINK365, an ecommerce, fulfillment and order management system. Satam Choudhury, who is leading THINK365, discusses two key features from THINK365 that make it stand out in the world of subscriptions and order management. First, the global search. All information related to orders, customer master record, invoices, payments are searchable from a single interface. Users do not have to remember or note critical metadata for looking for, say, a customer. This helps new CSRs pick up the system much sooner than before. Second, faster realisation of payments. From having a new customer to realising a payment, THINK365 cuts down the complicated workflows, avoids running complex processes and reduces unnecessary manual intervention.


Latest News

The Masonry Society Partners with HighWire to Put Their Standards Online for the First Time

HighWire Press has launched a new platform for The Masonry Society (TMS) called Masonry Standards Online on Scolaris, backed by Sigma, an identity and access management system. This is the first time that TMS has migrated its standards online, making it easier for them to navigate the online publishing landscape.




HighWire Press at ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards’23

We had a great time visiting Manchester for this year’s ALPSP Annual Conference, with the theme of open science and open access. Apart from the opportunity to meet some of the brightest folks in the industry, we also had the opportunity to sponsor the event and contribute to the event through our guest blog post.



BPWS — Special Peer Review Week

HighWire Press celebrated this year’s peer review week with a special Best Practice webinar focused on community and third-party peer review services, their significance in scholarly evaluation, and their integration into publication processes. The event featured panelists from PREreview, eLife, and PubPeer.




STM Dinner and Conference

We were the platinum level sponsors for STM Dinner and Conference and had a great time meeting old friends in the city of Frankfurt.




Webinar on Order Fulfillment and Subscription Management

Introducing THINK365, the new web enabled version of THINK, HighWire’s order management and customer service platform that provides seamless renewals, payments, and billings processes, along with flexible fulfillment services.

In the webinar, we showed the new modern user interface, and demonstrating new easier-to-use features such as global search! As part of this launch we will also be asking participants to weigh in on future functionality.




Pain Points in Submission of Manuscripts

Submitting manuscripts can be a long and complex process. Our product manager for workflow platforms, Praveen Nair, describes the challenges authors face and how our publishing workflow solution, DigiCorePro, solves these problems.




Rising Giants: The emerging markets of India and China

In this blog post, we delve into the dynamic scholarly markets of India and China, exploring the catalysts driving their growth, the policy shifts enabling this growth, and how open access is affecting these geographies. Learn the implications of these changes for the global scholarly publishing industry.




Potential of Generative AI to increase equity in knowledge

Learn about the ways in which generative AI is promoting fair access to knowledge. In this blog post, we discuss the ethical issues and obstacles linked to AI in academic publishing, while also highlighting its positive impact on scholarly productivity and integrity.