Best Practices Webinar Series: Revolution in Peer Review Workflow

A new and innovative peer review workflow is emerging, with third-party peer review services working alongside preprint servers, helping to evaluate and validate the scholarship and science reported in those preprints.

HighWire’s Best Practice webinar on ‘Revolution in Peer Review Workflow’ explored preprint servers and the emerging third-party peer review services that are helping to evaluate the science. The webinar also discussed the technology used to facilitate preprint workflows.


  • Richard Sever – Assistant Director at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Emily Esten – DocMaps Project Lead at Knowledge Futures
  • Thomas Lemberger – Head, Open Science Implementation and Deputy Head, Scientific Publications, EMBO
  • Denis Bourguet, Co-Founder at Peer Community In
  • Thomas Guillemaud, Co-Founder at Peer Community In