New Frontiers in Search: A user-based discussion of search

New Frontiers in Search: A user-based discussion of search

The world of literature search is evolving quickly. AI models such as ChatGPT and Gemini have emerged as alternatives to traditional keyword-based search tools, but with the technology changing so fast, it is not yet clear how these new tools will impact the scholarly user and their workflow.

In this webinar, HighWire teams up with a crack team of search experts to take a broader look at researchers’ core search requirements. What is prompt engineering, and how is it different from what we are used to? Which use cases is it appropriate for, and where are alternative approaches more suitable? How should publishers ensure their content remains findable despite the ongoing changes?

Panel Details:

•  Margorie Hlava from Access Innovations discussed how search has evolved over time right up to prompt engineering

•  Cristina Ashby from CABI talks about searchRxiv – an international multi-disciplinary repository for searches performed for evidence syntheses

•  Samantha Cox from Cochrane Library explored how AI can be used cautiously to support the research process.

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