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How do I subscribe to publications?
Each publisher manages subscriptions to their titles separately. Please visit the website of the publication you are interested in, either by looking at the list of titles we host, or by checking this list of common answers. HighWire doesn't own nor sell subscriptions directly to the content hosted on our servers. We are not a subscription agency.

Can you help me find an article, or answer a research question?
HighWire hosts content and provides online access to articles, but we are not a research service. Feel free to use the tools we've created to facilitate your online searching, or contact your librarian for further assistance.

Can you post my announcements, press releases or articles?
HighWire only posts information for our publisher partners. Each publisher has its own press contacts and manuscript acceptance procedures. Feel free to direct inquires directly to a specific publisher.

Can you contact an author regarding an article for me?
Alas, no. The individual publishers are solely responsible for the content of the material hosted on the HighWire platform. Sometimes, they provide links on the article with the author's contact information. Please refer to the source material, and contact the publisher of that article for more information.

Can I link to the HighWire website?
Yes, provided you adhere to these guidelines.

Do you have a question about a specific publication?
Use our FAQs by Publication tool to look up common questions about individual publications, such as URL, ISSN, frequency of publications, Cross-Ref info, subscription contacts and policies, etc.

Are you wondering about what appears to be an outage? 
If we are already aware of it, we will post a message here with recorded information.

Can I link to the HighWire website?
Yes, provided you adhere to these provisions.
Please visit the Librarians page for more information about the services and resources we provide for librarians.

I am a current HighWire Publisher. How do I submit a Salesforce ticket?
Access to the Community Forum can be found here
Access to the customer request page can be found here
Access to the production request page can be found here

What does HighWire do?
HighWire develops and hosts high-quality scholarly publications. We act as an extension of a publishers' staff to provide IT services for the online versions of their publications. HighWire provides the technology infrastructure and platform that allows publishers to pick and choose exactly the site design, branding, feature set, business models, and content support they want for their publications. All content is hosted on HighWire servers, using the HighWire Express production system.

Is HighWire Press a publisher?
No. We do not own the content that we host. Similarly, we are not an aggregator in that we do not repackage and sell our publisher-clients' content. Our publishing partners each decide their own business models, registration systems and advertising. We provide the technology publishers need to support their business, editorial, and production requirements.

Is co-branding with HighWire required?
No. The only branding that matters to us is our publisher-clients. Of course, publishers who feel that the HighWire brand provides added benefit to their web presence are welcome to use our name if they wish.

Who can I contact to learn more?
To request a brochure, or to schedule a call or meeting with a HighWire business development specialist, fill out the form to the left, call +1 (888) 849 9323 or +44 (800) 3688225 or email [email protected]

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