In Conversation with John Sack and the Founding of HighWire Press

John Sack, one of the founders of HighWire Press, engages in a candid conversation with Heather Staines, Senior Strategy Consultant of Community Engagement at Delta Think. In the interview, John talks about community building at HighWire. “The important thing about HighWire to me, was that it was a collective body of very significant scholarly publishers who happened to share in this technology platform. Leadership in this type of environment was more like community organizing, and I intuitively applied this kind of model to all my management roles, but especially to HighWire.”

Learn how John, a grad student at Stanford, found his love for technology through teaching English to freshmen; how he met mentors and technology icons such as Doug Engelbart and Steve Jobs; and how a desire to make scholarly research more affordable paved the way to HighWire Press.