Best Practices Webinar Series: The Growing Importance of Video in Scholarly Publishing

Videos are now being used in scholarly content to a much greater extent and for a wider range of purposes than before. The scholarly and academic publishing community has embraced video because it helps scholarly professionals easily demonstrate their scientific methods and enables researchers to better visualize the research.

In this webinar, you will learn how and why publishers incorporate video into their content, the challenges they face in achieving their aims with the video, what standards and technologies have been developed to support video and audio content, and publishers’ hopes and dreams for the future of video.

Presentations Topics:

  • “Video as a Form of Scholarly Communication” (6:55) The normalization of virtual and hybrid conferences and webinars during the pandemic has resulted in an exponential increase in the amount of scholarly content being recorded. Publishers and societies are trying to figure out how to monetize this content, but there are still questions around library and researcher expectations.
  • “NISO’s Video and Audio Metadata Recommended Practice: A Rosetta Stone for Interchange” (19:45) When searching for or providing video and audio resources, the metadata vocabulary used by one party is often unknown to the other party, which impedes effective discovery and interchange. A NISO working group has developed a comprehensive, structured, “plain English” vocabulary to help solve this problem, along with recommendations that define the basic subsets of that vocabulary.
  • “Where the Rubber Hits the Road – Case Studies for Video Metadata Enrichment” (37:04) As the world moves from text to audio-video the challenges of search and discovery are considerable. Video content requires metadata extraction to enable machine readability, it needs indexing for categorization in repositories and discoverability on the Internet, it needs taxonomies and ontologies applied so that tools using artificial intelligence can have a semantic understanding of the material.
  • “Publishers’ attitudes to video now and in the future” (53:20) How and why do publishers incorporate video into their content? What challenges do they face in achieving their aims with video? What are publishers’ hopes and dreams for the future of video? We bring you the results of a survey of some of our key customers.

Dylan Ruediger, Senior Analyst, Ithaka S+R
Bill Kasdorf, Principal, Kasdorf & Associates
Marjorie Hlava, President, Access Innovations.
Oliver Rickard, Product Director, Hosting Platforms, HighWire Press