Best Practices Webinar Series: Practical Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Scholarly Publishing Process

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools have been in use for quite a while in scholarly publishing, performing tasks like quality assurance, reproducibility checks, taxonomy generation and content enhancement. Recently there has been extra attention paid to AI thanks to image creation tools like DALL-E and text creation tools like ChatGPT. As compelling as these technologies are, it is important to recognize that these are essentially advancements of existing capabilities that are already in use.
This webinar featured a discussion on how AI and ML tools are being used today to screen research articles, create efficiencies in the publishing process, and enhance published works. The discussion looked at some of the ethical issues inherent in the use of AI, as well as some of the guidelines that are in place to help publishers navigate the growing dominance of the technology.

• Ian Mulvany, Chief Technology Officer at BMJ
• Joris van Rossum, Product Director at STM Solutions
• Josh Nicholson, Co-founder and CEO at scite