CAB International and HighWire Press partner to deliver faster COUNTER R5 reports via Insight Vizor


CAB International and HighWire Press partner to deliver faster COUNTER R5 reports via Insight Vizor

Mission-driven global non-profit CAB International (CABI) and HighWire Press announce Insight Vizor collaboration.  

HighWire Press offers an array of analytics tools intended to help different stakeholders in research and journal publications make data-driven decisions about the publication and dissemination of content. To know about their content reach, publishers seek to understand how subscribing institutions, such as libraries, universities, and consortia, use the content. In addition, these institutions are keen to know about the utilization patterns for subscription content. While MPS Limited has a long, distinguished history of working with publishers and their institutional partners to help them understand their patterns of content usage, following acquisition of HighWire by MPS Limited in 2020, there was a renewed focus on providing these insights more rapidly. 

The widely-accepted standard for reporting content usage, as we know, has been laid down by Project COUNTER. With Insight Vizor, the aim was to develop COUNTER Release 5 reports for CABI much faster than before. Unlike usual COUNTER R5 reports that are processed at the beginning of every month and then made available to publishers and their subscribed institutions, COUNTER reports for CABI are processed concurrently with the receipt of the input usage data and thus, are available faster. The conclusion of CABI’s COUNTER reports audit by a COUNTER-certified auditor bears testimony to the success of this endeavor. 

 “We are very excited, and very pleased,” commented Cristina Ashby Head of Researcher Experience at CABI. “The collaboration included lots of hard work toward a shared goal of the COUNTER5 accreditation. Not only did we achieve this, but we have received positive feedback from our institutional library constituents along the lines of, ‘this is the best layout available for these reports’- and that is of any of the many databases that they interface with.” 

“From our collaboration with CABI, we draw strength and inspiration,” commented Senior Vice President of Product Management, Tony Alves. “We see how the combined power of MPS and HighWire delivered on these requirements. We are also thrilled to receive the COUNTER5 stamp of approval. We look forward to expanding the Insight Vizor community, as well as the overall Analytics community as we continue to develop and leverage new features and capabilities.” 

“There is much more to come for Insight Vizor,” commented Satam Choudhury, Sr. Product Manager for HighWire Analytics. “Regardless of the type of content you publish – standard (books, journals, reference books), or non-standard (case studies, biographies, news briefings, spreadsheets, industry reports, company reports), Insight Vizor can provide you with all the actionable insights that you need to expand the reach of your content.”

About CABI  

CABI is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. CABI’s 49 member countries guide and influence its core areas of work, which include International Development and Publishing. CABI produces key scientific publications, including CAB Abstracts and Global Health. CABI also publish multimedia compendia, books, eBooks and full text electronic resources aiming to further science and its application to real life. CABI invests its publishing surpluses directly into development projects, helping to improve livelihoods worldwide. 

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