HighWire's Webinar on Search and Prompt Engineering

New Frontiers in Search

New Frontiers in Search

We invite you to save the date for our next webinar on New Frontiers in Search: A user-based discussion of search, from AI prompt engineering to search PIDs.

The world of literature search is evolving quickly, as AI models, like ChatGPT and Gemini, emerge as possibly better resources than traditional databases like Web of Science and Scopus. What is prompt engineering and how is it different than what we are all used to? How do publishers ensure their content is findable in this new environment? What is the role of the research librarian? How can we help researchers understand the best way to find reliable answers?

HighWire teams up once again with Access Innovations, experts in the use of AI and ML to make content findable, to discuss these issues and more! Join us on 22 May, 10 am ET for another great conversation!

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