STM 2-day US Annual Conference 2024

STM 2-day US Annual Conference 2024

Connect with HighWire Press at the STM US Annual Conference, 2024.

Join Tony Alves and Meg Waites from the HighWire Press team at the upcoming STM US Annual Conference.

This year’s theme, ‘STM | A Report from the Future,’ promises engaging discussions on the future of research, its dissemination, and the challenges and solutions that lie ahead.

We are looking forward to taking away valuable insights from industry leaders on STM Trends, societal and legal impact of evolving trends in publishing, and many more exciting sessions!

HighWire Press has a longstanding partnership with the STM Association. Tony Alves, our SVP of Product, is the Chair of the Duplicate Submissions Working Group at the Research Integrity Hub, and a member of the Standards and Technology Executive Committee.

If you’re attending and would like to engage with Meg and Tony, schedule a meeting through the link below.

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