The Launch of THINK365, the new web-based SaaS solution

The Launch of THINK365, the new web-based SaaS solution

We are having an online launch party! Introducing THINK365, the new web enabled version of THINK, HighWire’s order management and customer service platform that provides seamless renewals, payments, and billings processes, along with industry-class inventory management and flexible fulfillment services. One advantage of THINK365 over the desktop version is that, as a SaaS solution, there is no need for a publisher’s IT staff to maintain and service the software. Because THINK365 is fully web-based all version upgrades are automatically available to all users, requiring no uploading or installation.

Join the launch webinar on November 16 at 10am ET. We will be showing the new modern user interface, and demonstrating new easier-to-use features such as global search! As part of this launch we will also be asking participants to weigh in on future functionality.

THINK365 optimizes the order management process for publishers by reducing order entry time, improving order accuracy, and increasing sales by simplifying orders. THINK365 centralizes all services related to order fulfilment and financial management in one space, including payment gateway and e-commerce integrations. Publishers can leverage this platform to push forward their marketing and promotional activities by creating specifically targeted promotional offers by analyzing the buying behaviors of their customers. No matter where you are THINK’s global delivery model serves customers around different time-zones across the world.

When it comes to subscriptions, THINK365 allows you to auto-schedule renewals and reminders. It manages product lifecycle and recurring billing with convenient provisions for handling all the claims and queries in real-time. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use and navigate through the platform. With customized dashboards and reports in desired formats, customers can measure the productivity that directly translates into increasing the revenue of the publication. THINK365 customers can also utilize our order fulfilment services for legacy print content by generating Label Files to be shared with printers and warehouses.


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