SSP 2021 Conference (Virtual)

HighWire is pleased to have been selected to chair and deliver an educational session during the conference, which will be held virtually this year with the topic: ‘Charting a New Course from Chaos to Innovation’.

Hindsight is 2020: Preprints Post-Pandemic

  • Thursday, May 27th,  11:00am – 12:00pm ET

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen preprints rise to the fore, accelerating scientific pursuit and enabling global open access to cutting-edge research. But what worked and did not work for preprint servers during the pandemic? What missing links in technology, workflow or submissions processes did the last year expose? And in an era of fake news when disinformation is also rife, and even the most innocuous of issues can become politicized, how do we protect against misinterpretation or misuse of science by bad faith actors?

In this educational session, our panellists will describe how journals are beginning to interact with preprints in their editorial workflow. We will look back at lessons learned for preprints during the pandemic, and forward to discuss how we can maintain trust in science in an increasingly polarised world.


  • Dr. John Inglis (co-founder bioRxiv and medRxiv)
  • Shalene Singh-Shephered (Senior Publishing Editor, Royal Society)
  • Jonathon Coates (Immunologist, Queen Mary University of London)
  • Dr. Nonia Pariente Penamaria (Virologist and Editor-in-Chief, PLOS Biology)
  • Dr. John Sack (co-founder, HighWire)

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