ISMTE North America Conference: Virtual Event

ISMTE serves a unique niche within the academic, scientific, medical, technical and professional publishing industry – editorial office staff.

It is with great regret that ISMTE does not see a clear path forward to hosting an in-person meeting and so they are excited to announce they’ll be moving forward with this event virtually.

Over three days of virtual discussions and workshops, ISMTE will explore Evolving Trends in Scholarly Publishing.

HighWire VP of Technology & Innovation, Todd McGee, will be presenting during the session “If You Built It (Right), They Will Come“, taking a dive into some of the trends in traffic and changes in business model we’ve seen for our publishers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and exploring how the publishers can leverage the heightened public interest in science to solidify ongoing engagement and readership.

If You Built It (Right), They Will Come

4:00 – 5:00pm, Wednesday August 5th

Competition in scholarly communication is fierce, with thousands of journals publishing millions of papers every year. In that context, getting readers to your content requires more than just a nice platform. Building it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they, the readers, will come. Driving readership requires not only a functional platform, but savvy editors also consider their audience by tailoring their communication appropriately, using enhanced formats to encourage readers to interact with their content, and using social media and other tools to build brand awareness. This session will discuss readership trends (including changes in readership during COVID-19 response), what it means to consider one’s audience, enhanced format types to inspire engagement and social sharing, and one journal’s successful use of Twitter to increase readership.


Full agenda and speaker information can be found here

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