HighWire Press Launches THINK365, a New Web-based SaaS Solution

HighWire Press Launches THINK365, a New Web-based SaaS Solution

Princeton, N.J., Nov XX, 2023HighWire Press, provider of publishing platforms and scholarly solutions, launches THINK365, HighWire’s latest web-based ecommerce, fulfillment and business intelligence system for publishers.

THINK365 is a new SaaS platform for publishers to manage subscriptions, renewals, inventory and custom content offerings. It integrates with e-commerce systems for journal publishers and supports an assortment of payment methods for faster realization of domestic and cross-border payments, real-time and deferred payments, and even bulk payments for corporate subscribers.

THINK365 optimizes the order management process for publishers by reducing order entry time, improving order accuracy, and increasing sales by simplifying orders. Publishers can leverage this platform to push forward their marketing and promotional activities by creating specifically targeted promotional offers based on the buying behaviors of their customers. When it comes to subscriptions, THINK365 allows fulfillment teams to manage large volumes of renewals. Managing cancellations, issuing refunds, suspensions and transfers can be seamlessly done on THINK365.

THINK365 also offers data-based insights on revenue, payment realization, profit center analysis, and invoicing in powerful, intuitive visualisations. With new global search features, THINK365 lets publishers easily retrieve customer, order and payment information. It also provides mechanisms to prevent data duplication, and address validation to ensure compliance with various jurisdictions.

THINK365’s new model makes integrations faster and minimizes business downtime for upgrades. Meg Waites, Senior Account Director at HighWire Press, commented, “I was a THINK user myself for many years and I’ve always loved the system’s flexibility. No matter what came our way, we could make it happen. I’m thrilled that we’ve brought all of that great functionality to a modern SaaS version that’s even easier to use!”

After previewing THINK 365, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) said they were delighted to see THINK brought to life with a web interface. They highlighted that THINK365 looks clean, easy to use, and puts the data and customized reports right at their fingertips.

HighWire is excited to extend these services to publishers across the industry as we forge partnerships and provide easy, web-enabled access to THINK365 features and capabilities.

About HighWire Press

HighWire Press is a leading provider of digital publishing tools and platform solutions, across all aspects of the publishing lifecycle, including content management and hosting, e-commerce, access and identity management, manuscript submission and tracking, and analytics.

Since our inception at Stanford University in the early days of the web, HighWire has remained an innovative leader, focused on the creation, production, and sharing of knowledge. We are now powered by MPS Limited, a global partner to the world’s leading publishers of scholarly and eLearning content and corporates. This combination of deep domain expertise makes HighWire the technology partner of choice for global commercial, society and academic publishers.

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