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Scolaris - award-winning platform for complex content

Complexity without compromise

Scolaris is the award-winning integrated content platform that enables you to easily publish large, unique and diverse content sets. Scolaris delivers the complexity – without compromise, flexing to meet the innovative needs of your business. Click HERE for more information. 

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Transforming discoverability and usability

Scolaris delivers an enhanced experience for searching, browsing and reading with built-in semantic capability to enhance your content.

Making online content work harder

From tutorials, curriculum mapped content and data visualization, to complex search, integrated taxonomy, video, journal articles, abstracts and more, Scolaris delivers the functionality your audience demands.

Tailored to you

Each Scolaris website is designed and built around your specific needs. You’ll be in good company. Scolaris sites serve in excess of 8 million page views per month with an average page load time of under 500 milliseconds.

Trusted by leading publishers

Springer Publishing case study

Content upload was reduced from 26 hours to 45 minutes, there was a 200% traffic uplift and a 42.24% rise in organic referrals.

BrillOnline Reference Works and BrillOnline Bibliographies

Find out how Scolaris could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300

Why Scolaris?

  • Ingest multiple content types including XML (NLM, JATS, DocBook, TEI), PDF, EPUB, MOBI, MS Office files, Images, Audio, Video
  • Preview and QA content and publish to live with zero downtime
  • Complete control over loading, reviewing and publishing non-scholarly content
  • Automated concept and synonym matching, variant and UK/US spellings and suggested results
  • Search engine optimization, and related content linking

Part of the Intelligent Publishing Platform

Citation and usage analytics
Usage and readership trends
Access and identity management system

Products & services

Our Intelligent Publishing Platform brings you the opportunity to develop and refine your digital publishing and scholarly communication.

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Find out how Scolaris could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300

Find out how Scolaris could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300
Exceptional reliability
Platform Uptime