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JCore - Journal sites designed for your readers, today and tomorrow

Superb design, control and flexibility

JCore is part of the HighWire Hosting solution. Using the world-class HighWire Open Platform, JCore provides a powerful content ingestion, enrichment and publishing infrastructure for your journal websites. Superb design and theming options, more control and faster turnaround times are all key benefits.

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Designed to meet your publishing goals

JCore brings you modern site design strategically configured in support of your publishing goals. Highlighting content, enabling advertising and changing menu items and text snippets is quick and simple.

Providing what your readers want

Using in-depth clinician and researcher interviews, JCore’s architecture was developed to provide exactly what your users most value: an uncluttered view, with the most useful content available in as few clicks as possible. 

Developed with cutting-edge Drupal technology

JCore is built on the Drupal platform, an open source technology at the forefront of website development. This ensures that your functionality keeps up with the changing expectations of your online community.

Trusted by leading publishers

American Society of Hematology case study

Monica Bradford of AAAS video

“Our new design delivers an elegant reader experience, makes it easier to find important content, and has resulted in increased advertising revenue.”

Christian Kohler

Scholarly Publishing, American Diabetes Association

Find out how JCore could work for you

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Optional enhancements

JCore has a suite of optional products you can add to develop new revenue or improve reader engagement. These include:

Custom Collection Toolkit (CCT): Allowing you to curate content into collections to promote or sell grouped content.

Direct Publishing: Enabling you to link scholarly articles to topical news stories to improve discoverability and relevance.

Intelligent Commerce: Easily locatable add-to-cart buttons and persistent shopping cart to make purchasing simple.

Why JCore?

  • Quickly refresh a website or launch a new one
  • Repurpose, integrate and monetize content
  • Easy to use self-service tools for editing the front-end display
  • Features to enhance discoverability, such as reference linking
  • Hosted and supported on the world-class HighWire platform, home to over 700 publications.

Part of the Intelligent Publishing Platform

Access control and identity management
Citation and usage analytics
Usage and readership trends

Products & services

Our Intelligent Publishing Platform brings you the opportunity to develop and refine your digital publishing and scholarly communication.

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Find out how JCore could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300

Find out how JCore could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300
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