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Direct Publishing - Publish content on the fly in minutes

Are you a scholarly publisher who produces news articles? Are you stuck using multiple tools and hosting sites? Do you find yourself using overly complex editorial workflow tools to publish lightweight content?

Direct Publishing is a user-friendly tool that makes creating and posting online news content as quick and easier as filling out a form.

Direct Publishing simplifies the process of publishing news content, allowing editors to quickly create and post content in minutes. This fast‐path to publishing provides a new communication channel where time sensitive information, editorial opinions, new products, and more can be publicized rapidly and linked back to scholarly content to drive discoverability.

Content created in the Direct Publishing application is stored in the same content repository as the publisher’s scholarly content, which makes it easy to integrate into publication sites as well as with other HighWire products and services like search and access control. Click HERE for more information. 

Amplify your voice

Publish the stories and content that matter to you and your readers

Publish quickly

Get content online in minutes with a simplified workflow

Connect your content

Link news content to scholarly articles and collections to build a community around your content

Powerful search

Search once and find all your news and scholarly content on one results page

Work anywhere

Login and create a news story anytime, anywhere from any browser

No training necessary

Anyone can use Direct Publishing regardless of their level of technical expertise

Your fast path to publishing

Getting started with Direct Publishing is easy and requires no training. Using the intuitive story creation form, editors can:

  • Enter and format text using the easy‐to use, online WYSIWYG editor
  • Upload images and reposition or resize them within the editor
  • Designate the story as featured so that it appears in the lead position on their publication site
  • Assign access control to the story to make it free or available by subscription
  • Add a story directly to one or more collections from within the application
  • Link related scholarly articles or other associated content with either a URL or a DOI
  • Create a unique, user‐friendly smart URL for the story
  • Preview content prior to publication to verify the layout
  • Publish content immediately or schedule it for publication at a later date and time
  • Update a story after it’s published to add new details

Find out how Direct Publishing could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300

Why Direct Publishing?

  • Quickly publish time‐sensitive news entries to keep readers up‐to‐ date on the latest issues
  • Drive discoverability by promoting scholarly articles within news content
  • Integrate news and scholarly articles into search results so that researchers can search once and find everything
  • Boost visibility and build brand recognition by extending your publishing footprint

Part of the Intelligent Publishing Platform

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Products & services

Our Intelligent Publishing Platform brings you the opportunity to develop and refine your digital publishing and scholarly communication.

Find out more

Find out how Direct Publishing could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300

Find out how Direct Publishing could work for you

1-888-849-9323 +44 (0)28 9032 0300
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