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University of California Press joins 20+ HighWire Publishers in Sales Representation Partnership with Dragonfly Sales and Marketing

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 01.03.2016
Post type: News


REDWOOD CITY, CA (MARCH 1, 2016) – HighWire Press, Inc. and Dragonfly Sales and Marketing are pleased to announce the inclusion of the journals of the University of California Press to their worldwide library sales offering. Dragonfly also represents the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG), a community of over twenty publishers with journals hosted on the HighWire Press platform.

Dragonfly’s sales representation partnership with HighWire now includes over 70 prestigious journals. With the addition of 31 titles from University of California Press in the humanities and social sciences, Dragonfly broadens the audience at subscribing institutions beyond the strong readership in medical and life sciences journals from ISPG. 

“HighWire and Dragonfly offer independent publishers an effective way to reach growing audiences in worldwide markets,” commented Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire Press. “Our unique partnership provides more value to librarians and publishers with one-stop sales and service and an excellent reader experience.”

“Dragonfly and HighWire established an innovative partnership in 2010 with our mutual publishing partners to increase sales and readership while providing the highest quality content and excellent service to libraries,” commented Tom Taylor, President of Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting. “Our systems for supporting ISPG and worldwide consortia are robust and well-established.”

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