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JBJS Reviews App for iPad and iPhone now available

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 13.01.2014
Post type: News

NEEDHAM, MA & STANFORD, CA – 13 January 2014 - - The Journal of Bone and Joint 

Surgery, Inc., and HighWire Press are pleased to announce the availability of the JBJS Reviews 

app for iPad and iPhone, now available in the app store. An Android version is expected to be 

available shortly as well. 


“We have been pleased with the response to JBJS Reviews since launching this new journal a few 

months ago and know that our readers will welcome the opportunity to be able to access this 

content using the free app,” commented Thomas Einhorn, MD, Editor of JBJS Reviews. 


“A recently completed market research project confirmed for us that review articles remain 

one of the most important content types for orthopaedic surgeons and that online journals are 

a key source for this content. Tablet and smartphone use is also growing quickly among our 

audience with more than half regularly reading medical journals on these devices, so the JBJS 

Reviews app meets a true market need,” said Kent Anderson, CEO and Publisher of the Journal 

of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS). “We are also seeing growth in mobile access for continuing 

medical education, so the integrated CME offered in JBJS Reviews is a valuable feature, as well.” 


“To complement JBJS’s mobile strategy, HighWire designed the JBJS Reviews app as an instant 

resource available on any device,” said Tom Rump, Managing Director of HighWire. “Our 

flexible app platform offers support for traditional and Continuous Publication models, and 

showcases support for in-app advertising.” 


The JBJS Reviews app can be found at: 



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About JBJS Reviews 


JBJS Reviews is a new orthopaedic review journal recently launched by JBJS, Inc. JBJS Reviews is 

published online, enabling continuous publication, optimization for mobile access, and integrated 

continuing medical education (CME) opportunities. The Editor of JBJS Reviews is Thomas A. 

Einhorn, MD. 


About JBJS 


JBJS, Inc., is a not-for-profit publisher specializing in orthopaedic information. It publishes The 

Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, which has been the most valued source of information for 

orthopaedic surgeons and researchers for 125 years and is the gold standard in peer-reviewed 

scientific information in the field -- a core journal and essential reading for orthopaedic 

surgeons worldwide. Other publications include JBJS Case Connector and JBJS Essential Surgical 

Techniques, along with CME and professional development products. Twitter: @jbjs 


About HighWire 


Stanford University's HighWire Press provides technology solutions for the scholarly 

community through its innovative HighWire Open Platform. Since its inception, HighWire 

offers digital content development and hosting services, a customizable peer-review manuscript 

submission system, cross-publisher librarian tools, and strategic consultation for organizations 

which produce high-impact journals, books, and other scholarly 

publications. | Twitter: @highwirepress 


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