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HighWire Press to present CASA, an off-campus access protocol from Google, at the Charleston Conference

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 05.09.2017
Post type: News
Subject: Technological innovation, User experience
Product or service: Products & Services

HighWire and Google have collaborated on the Campus-Activated Subscriber Access(CASA) protocol for off-campus access to scholarly content. Michiel Klein Swormink will introduce CASA and HighWire’s implementation at the Charleston Conference.

Los Gatos, Calif, USA, August 31 , 2017 – At the upcoming Charleston Conference, HighWire Press, Inc., the strategic partner and platform provider for world-leading scholarly publishers and societies, will present CASA, a new protocol developed by Google and implemented by HighWire, to support off-campus authentication and streamline access to subscribed scholarly content for remote users.

CASA enables Google Scholar users to see the same subscribed resources off-campus as on-campus, so that no off-campus login is necessary. HighWire and Google combined expertise to develop and test the CASA protocol with the goal of simplifying verified user access to subscribed content. A faster, easier user experience for legitimate users to access content on publishers’ platforms will help libraries serve their patrons and may influence researchers who have developed a preference for Sci-Hub.




Michiel Klein Swormink, Director of Business Development

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