Plan S: the options for publishers

Plan S has invigorated the most active debate since the proposal of “ebiomed” and PubMed Central about 20 years ago. How will publishers achieve Open Access compliance? What are the main questions and concerns publishers and journals have? And what could genuine solutions be, based on what we currently know?

John Sack, on behalf of HighWire, conducted interviews with 22 individuals from 15 different publishing organizations at the end of 2018. He explored their perspectives on Plan S and identified common findings, suggested options and further questions that needed to be answered.

The findings were further debated by representatives from over 30 publishers at a workshop January 29th. A white paper outlining the preferred routes was published February 11th.

This webinar, initially hosted February 13th, gives you the opportunity to hear John outline the key messages from the white paper and ask questions about the favored options.

To download the whitepaper, find the answers to the questions raised on this webinar, and read HighWire’s product, technology and commercial perspectives on Plan S, visit 

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