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Introducing the Intelligent Publishing Platform

HighWire’s Intelligent Publishing Platform brings you the opportunity to develop and refine your digital publishing and scholarly communication, transforming reach, readership and revenues. Find out more about what the Intelligent Publishing Platform can do for you. 

Explore the products and services that make up our Intelligent Publishing Platform below.

Growing your citations with more discoverable content

Journal publishers adopting our JCore open platform find their content is more discoverable and easier for researchers to use. One client saw a %xxx increase in research citations within the first year.

Open platform for journals

Using insight and analytics to increase your revenues

Instead of waiting up to three years for citation monitoring tools, with JCore’s Vizors you can assess research merit, impact and trends for each article in almost real-time.

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Video: John Sack, Founding Director, and Jim Longo, VP Product Leadership & Design describe why Impact Vizors are the ideal choice for academic publishers.

Usage and readership trends
Citation and usage analytics

Improving manuscript submission and peer review

"For over a decade, Neurology® has partnered with HighWire. BenchPress has become our premier manuscript submission and peer review system.”
Patricia Baskin, Executive Editor Neurology Journals, American Academy of Neurology

Manuscript submission and tracking system

Making your diverse content work harder

To improve engagement and revenue streams you need to make all of your rich content accessible. Scolaris websites deliver functionality tailored around your content, taxonomy and business models.

Content platform for publishers

Exploring revenue models for your institutional customers

From open access, to freemium, subscriptions and trials, SAMS Sigma provides flexible models that allow your institutional customers to explore and develop new revenue streams.

Access and identity management system

Transform your digital services

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