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Author info: HighWire
Post date: 14.01.2019
Post type: News
Subject: Discovery and analytics
Product or service: Impact Vizor™
APA partners with HighWire

Award-winning technology brings early citation and usage data together to help journal publishers make informed decisions

Author info: John Sack, Founding Director at HighWire
Post date: 10.01.2019
Post type: Article
Subject: Technological innovation
Product or service: Products & Services, JCore, Scolaris, Strategic Consultancy

When we launched HighWire back in 1995, the Internet was transforming the way academic research content was developed, hosted and communicated. It was an exciting time. The rapidly accelerating online era brought published content to international research communities in an instant. This was access like never before.

Why look back? The very nature of the scholarly sector is about advancement.

Author info: Mike Allen, Strategic Consultant, HighWire
Post date: 18.12.2018
Post type: Article
Subject: Discovery and analytics, Technological innovation, User experience
Product or service: Strategic Consultancy
Knowledge amplified

The first week of December was a busy one for STM publishing, with both CISPC 2018 and STM Week taking place in London.

The week kicked off with CISPC (Challenges in the Scholarly Publishing Cycle); a valuable one-day conference centred around the recent annual survey conducted by Research Information and focusing on perspectives and recommendations from the publishing, library and research sectors.

Author info: HighWire
Post date: 27.11.2018
Post type: News
Subject: Discovery and analytics, Technological innovation
HighWire partners with Code Ocean

Integration will encourage best practices across publishers, reviewers and authors

27 NOVEMBER 2018, LOS GATOS – Scholarly publishing tech provider, HighWire, has partnered with computational reproducibility platform, Code Ocean, to enable authors of academic articles to easily publish and share code associated with

Mike Allen

Senior Strategic Consultant

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