The American Association for Thoracic Surgery Adds HighWire’s Impact Vizor to Support Goals and Inform its Global Publishing Strategy


The American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) will use Impact Vizor  visual analytics suite from HighWire Press to inform strategic decisions for its journals program. Impact Vizor can help the AATS evaluate trends and identify the impact of articles across its publishing program, including the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Impact Vizor helps data analysts, non-technical staff, and editors frame questions using common criteria such as citation data to uncover trends. Vizors generate quick-to-understand visualizations that normalize and integrate proprietary manuscript data with data from several sources, including citation data from CrossRef and Scopus, saves to Mendeley, and social shares. Previously, this data has been difficult to obtain, time-consuming to integrate, and required specialized skills to analyze effectively.

“The mission of our large editorial board is to advance science and clinical practice to improve patient outcomes, holding close to the AATS core value of excellence in patient care. Impact Vizor will help us identify the authors, articles and topics that are having a rapid impact and those that advance the field over time,” says Ryan Walther, AATS Director, Scientific Publications. “It will also assist us to anticipate future topics of significance. In essence, Impact Vizor enables our journals to more successfully achieve the AATS goals of promoting scholarship, innovation, and leadership in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.”

The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery attracts many authors and readers from the international cardiothoracic surgical community, and Impact Vizor assists efforts to provide information important to surgeons around the world.  According to Editor-in-Chief Dr. Richard Weisel, “Impact Vizor can provide more rapid insight into the international influence of our journal content, and we are eager to extend our global impact by targeting areas of interest in scientific research and clinical care. Our analysis will enable us to better serve the international community using solid metrics.”

Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire comments, “We are delighted that The American Association for Thoracic Surgery will use Impact Vizor. The development of Vizor visual analytics suites is informed by decades of experience working with leading publishers and directly asking them about their most pressing challenges and questions. Our collaborative approach to product development enables us to help publishers plan for long-term growth.”

More than twenty publishers use HighWire’s Vizors visual analytics suite. Vizor suites are developed in collaboration with several publishers — from product concept to post-launch. John Sack, Founding Director, continues to work closely with publishers who implement the Impact Vizor platform to develop the product for rapid insights and answers to publisher’s most pressing questions. Impact Vizor was a finalist for the ALPSP Innovation in Publishing Award in 2015.

HighWire launched Usage Vizor, its second suite of Vizor visual analytics, to help publishers analyze institutional usage and demand for content. Sales and marketing teams, as well as editorial teams discover insights to inform a variety of program strategies and communications to customers and readers. Additional Vizor analytic suites are planned in 2017.

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