HighWire continues support for McGraw-Hill with hosting and access management


HighWire continues support for McGraw-Hill with hosting and access management

AUGUST 15 2019, LOS GATOS – Scholarly publishing tech provider, HighWire, today announced that McGraw-Hill has implemented HighWire’s latest hosting and access management technology.

McGraw-Hill’s AccessEngineering is a flagship engineering resource for students, faculty and professionals and has used HighWire solutions since 2011. The site offers 700 books plus a mix of other non-standard content such as videos, spreadsheets and tutorials, which HighWire is perfectly placed to handle.

Scolaris, part of the HighWire Hosting solution, is an award-winning integrated content platform that will enable McGraw-Hill to easily publish multiple content types on a single site. The hosting upgrade provides McGraw-Hill with a modern user experience thanks to new software, new features and a new design.

HighWire Identity, delivered via SAMS Sigma, provides McGraw-Hill’s site users with a single sign-on to access scholarly content. It enables the publisher to identify each user and delivers a simple, flexible and scalable way to license content and control access.

HighWire was trusted to deal with very complex taxonomies, which McGraw-Hill believed to be the best mechanism for providing its users an excellent search and discovery experience and aiding the research process by enabling users to rapidly zero in on the most relevant information. AccessEngineering has five taxonomies built into it (subjects, industries, courses, equations, and codes & standards), along with a personal curation layer designed to tailor results specifically to the end-user.

Furthermore, the HighWire solution integrates with Hypothesis to enable annotations, as well as CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access).

HighWire worked with Google Scholar to develop CASA, which enables seamless off-campus and mobile access to subscribed scholarly content. With CASA, users may access their libraries’ subscriptions just as easily as when they are on campus.

Dan Filby, CEO at HighWire said: “We’re very pleased to have built upon our established relationship, supporting McGraw-Hill with their update to a world-class site that champions ease of use. Handling complex taxonomies is a huge challenge for many publishers, and we are proud to have created a solution that will enable discoverability and empower users. McGraw-Hill’s approach is an excellent example of putting the end-user experience at the centre of a publishing strategy, which the HighWire team has extensive knowledge of delivering.”

Lauren Sapira of McGraw-Hill and HighWire Product Manager Olly Rickard will co-present the successful approach to taxonomies at the Access Innovation Data Harmony Users Group East meeting at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) headquarters, this coming November.

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