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John Sack, HighWire Press to host Keith Gigliello, American Society of Hematology, in first webinar on article-level insights and strategic publishing decisions

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 25.07.2016
Post type: News


John Sack and Keith Gigliello discuss delivering the answers to questions that publishing teams and editorial boards ask and what curiosity can uncover with article level metrics in a webinar on August 9.

Today, better, faster access to newer article-level metrics and alternative metrics (ALMs) can provide more insight into publishing programs and inform strategic decisions. For example, understanding how rapidly after publication research articles are cited, downloaded, saved, or shared can help publishers to understand how their articles, sections and journal programs resonate with different audiences and attract new audiences.

Publishing and editorial decisions can be informed, verified, and evaluated with evidence from article-level performance analysis. John Sack, Founding Director, HighWire Press, and Keith Gigliello, Senior Manager, Digital Publications, American Society of Hematology, publisher of Blood, the JCR top-ranked Hematology journal, discuss how effective visual analysis can not only replace time-consuming data manipulation, but enable publishers to not miss important insights, and identify opportunities progressive publishers and editorial boards are looking for.

  •   Which articles or article types contribute to citations and downloads?
  •   What are emerging regions or topics of interest in the discipline? Do the articles represent a significant pipeline to support a new journal?
  •   What influence does free access have on article level metrics?
  •   What can we learn from article level metrics of articles we chose not to publish? Is our article transfer policy effective?

Webinar: How to discover article-level impact and strategic insights with Impact Vizor 12pm EDT, August 9th. Free registration:​

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