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Institutional Investor Journals Selects HighWire as a Strategic Business Partner for Hosting Journal Content

Author info: HighWire Press
Post date: 20.07.2016
Post type: News


Institutional Investor Journals (IIJ) has selected HighWire Press, Inc., to host their entire list of 15 journals on the JCore platform. IIJ’s publications serve the institutional investment community, providing access to research and findings from the world’s leading experts in the field.

David Blide, Publisher, Institutional Investor Journals stated: “It was important to select a partner with a high level of service and responsiveness to meet our business needs and a modern, flexible platform enabling configuration changes and responsive design. We have a high expectation of what the HighWire team and platform will achieve as part of our journal strategy and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Wendy Newsham, VP Sales, North America, HighWire said: “IIJ is a very progressive publishing organization that appreciates HighWire’s customer-centric approach. We are thrilled to work with IIJ and will align our activities and strategies to their business objectives to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett, VP Global Marketing, HighWire added: “It is HighWire’s mission to go beyond demand and supply, and to move our customers to rapid innovation and growth: that’s where Highwire’s open Drupal technology scores highly. In a world where open platforms, converging systems, and flexible/agile supply models are becoming the standard, HighWire’s strategic approach to the development of technologies enable us to transform both our customer’s businesses and our own.”

IIJ will benefit from a proactive relationship delivering:

Performance and process

  • A new best practice Software Development Lifecycle Process and documentation.
  • Support process giving quick responses to IIJ queries.
  • System performance constantly monitored – uptime running at 99.99%.


  • Dedicated account manager – the publisher’s champion within HighWire.
  • Full view of the status and projected date of completion for cases via SalesForce portal.
  • Surveys.
  • Thought leadership - adding value:
    • Blogs.
    • Newsletters.


  • People:
    • UX team delivering modern, intuitive, and engaging layouts.
    • Market-leading Account Managers who work as an extension of the publisher’s office.
    • Professional, experienced Project Managers dedicated to the delivery on promises.
  • Products and tools - a roadmap of researched releases such as self-service tools.
  • Infrastructure – industry leading uptime.
  • Security - high level of security and access controls. 
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